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Books for 2024 company workshops attendees promotion

We finally have books by Marcin Moskała printed, and we want to share them with workshop attendees who might benefit the most from them. So for each company that order a commercial workshop in 2023, we will send a bundle of physical books for workshop attendees. Currently, we have the following books printed:

Soon we will have more books printed, and then we will announce them and add them to the list.

This is what books we offer sending for our most popular workshops:

For other workshops with Marcin Moskała, the group can choose which book they want to receive.


Let's say your company organised a workshop with Kt. Academy. For that, they used Workshops tab, in the above menu, chose a workshop it needed, and filled the form. Then, we agreed on the date and price, and the workshop was organised. Let's say in our example, this company chose Kotlin Coroutines workshop, so it was natural to choose Kotlin Coroutines: Deep Dive book for their group. The group was of size 15, but they asked us to send them 20 books, to have some for their library and other employees. So we sent a bundle of 20 books to their address of choice as a benefit to the workshop by Marcin Moskała.


The promotion applies to company workshops with Marcin Moskała organised in 2023 but after this promotion announcement. We can send up to 20 books per workshop. The books are sent to the company address of choice.

  • The promotion do not apply to open workshops, because we currently have very limited capabilities of sending books to individuals, especially from outside the Europe. We might be open for sending books to a company address if there is a group of people from the same company.
  • The workshop must be organised in 2023. We might prelong this promotion, but for now we can only guarantee it for 2023. If a workshop is planed for 2024, but organised in 2023, it is still eligible for this promotion.
  • Promotion applies only to workshops with Marcin Moskała ordered from Kt. Academy.
  • If a group wants a different book from our list than suggested, we can agree on sending it.

In case of any questions or doubts, please contact us at