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Kotlin Coroutines

Workshop covering asynchronous programming in Kotlin using coroutines.

13.06.2022-14.06.2022, 9:00-17:00 CET (GMT+2), 300 EUR

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Among our trainers are:

Marcin Moskała - Kt.Academy references

Marcin Moskała

Author of the Effective Kotlin and Android Development with Kotlin, popular speaker, experienced developer working on Allegro.
See profile
Rafał Grzesik - Kt.Academy references

Rafał Grzesik

Experienced trainer, menthor and a fullStack software developer on .Net and Angular.
See profile
Wlodek Krakowski - Kt.Academy references

Wlodek Krakowski

Software craftsman, specialized in clean code, refactoring to patterns and best practices.
See profile
Mesut Durukal - Kt.Academy references

Mesut Durukal

Product Owner & E2E Test Automation Leader for the QA team, with over 7 years of experience in professional testing automation.
See profile
Piotr Włodarek - Kt.Academy references

Piotr Włodarek

Aspiring software craftsman since 1995.
See profile
Michał Szklarski - Kt.Academy references

Michał Szklarski

Digital solutions, mobile, R&D leader, product owner, board member, and tech/business conference speaker.
See profile
Mateusz Dorobek - Kt.Academy references

Mateusz Dorobek

Data Scientist, Freelancer & AI conference speaker with 5 years of teaching experience. Working in the financial industry using Machine Learning to solve business problems.
See profile
Bartłomiej Bęczkowski - Kt.Academy references

Bartłomiej Bęczkowski

Team leader developing Allegro data & AI technical platform.
See profile

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