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Kt. Academy new logo: Phoenix

We made a decision to change our logo. The new one illustrates a phoenix, a mythological bird.


We really liked the previous logo, but Kt. Academy is no longer only about Kotlin. We have great trainers teaching best practices, .NET, A/B testing and many more topics. Kt. Academy is a platform where we connect the best teachers with companies that benefit from their teachings. It is also a place where we would like to share the best content consistent with our mission to teach programming. So a logo that is so strongly connected to Kotlin does not suit us best anymore.

What about Kotlin?

We still love Kotlin, and we will continue teaching it. We continue being a JetBrains partner, and nothing changes in our relation to this great language.

The symbolism of Phoenix

Phoenix is very symbolic. For us, it represents deep learning. When a hero learns his most important lesson, a big part of his personality needs to die, to make a place for the new teachings. This is why the phoenix dies and is reborn. When you learn new technology, you must stop using the old one. When you learn a better way, you need to stop doing it the old way. If you want to truly learn, you must be ready to let go of whatever you already know. For us, this is the essence of learning, and this is why a phoenix became our symbol.

There are more symbols there. One is fairly obvious - you might notice that the shape is similar to a heart. It is because we care about others. We are not like a typical business - optimizing for income. On the contrary, we want to share knowledge and help to develop. This is our mission, and we follow it because we care.