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Kotlin for developers' series is finally ready!

Nearly two years ago, when I was publishing Kotlin Coroutines: Deep Dive and had Effective Kotlin: Best Practices already out and well-received, an idea blossomed in my mind. I decided to create a series of books that would encompass everything a Kotlin developer should know. A collection containing everything I teach, presented in a consistent and organized manner. While I had most of the content well thought out from years of teaching and writing about Kotlin, it still took considerable time and effort to put it all down. This involved multiple rounds of reading, revising, consulting with reviewers, and discussions. Finally, this effort culminated in three additional books. Together with the two previously published ones, which I updated for consistency, they form a complete series.

Those are all the books from the series in their natural reading order:

  • Kotlin Essentials, which covers all the basic Kotlin features.
  • Functional Kotlin, which is dedicated to functional Kotlin features, including function types, lambda expressions, collection processing, DSLs, and scope functions.
  • Kotlin Coroutines: Deep Dive, which covers all the features of Kotlin Coroutines, including how to use and test them, using flow, best practices, and the most common mistakes.
  • Advanced Kotlin, which is dedicated to advanced Kotlin features, including generic variance modifiers, delegation, multiplatform programming, annotation processing, KSP, and compiler plugins.
  • Effective Kotlin: Best Practices, which is about the best practices of Kotlin programming.

After the recent changes, namely adding exercises to Kotlin Essentials and Functional Kotlin, I finally consider this series complete and ready. It does not mean I will not make any changes. Of course I will update those books and publish new editions every couple of years. Whenever a new feature will be added to Kotlin, I will make sure to explain it well in the appropriate book. I will also make updates when I find a better way to explain something (what often happens when I conduct workshops). Though, at the moment I consider this series complete and ready, and by that I mean that all the content I wanted to include is there, and it is presented in the best way I could, using the best techniques I know.

For those who like reading ebooks, you can find the whole collection here. I currently do not offer any way to buy the whole series in paperback. I only distribute paperback books on Amazon, where one can purchase all the books, but there is no special price for a bundle. Though, I am working on my own distribution, and I hope that by the end of this year I will be able to offer for EU those books and bundle here on this website (if you are interested in that now, contact us using because we have all the books printed).