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Advanced Kotlin is finally ready!

I am happy to announce that the book Advanced Kotlin is finally ready. I must say, it was not the easiest book to write, because it concentrates only on advanced topics, like variance modifiers, delegation, contracts, annotation processing, KSP, compiler plugins, multiplatform development, and more. However, I am really happy with the result. I actually think it will be one of my best books.


This book was positively influenced by its amazing technical reviewers. This team includes Owen Griffiths, Nicola Corti, Matthias Schenk, Jacek Kotorowicz and Endre Deak. They all made significant contributions to this book. Language revision was done by Michael Timberlake. Without all of them, this book would not be as good.

Guest chapter

The last chapter of this book, Static Code Analysers, was written by the absolutely the best person for this job: Nicola Corti, who is an important Detekt contributor and author of many of its rules. He is also a known speaker, with talks at KotlinConf, Droidcon, and many other conferences. I am really happy that he agreed to write this chapter.

Where can you find this book?

Advanced Kotlin ebook can be found on LeanPub and paperback can be found on Amazon. You can also find an ebook on Amazon, but the price is higher than on LeanPub, due to Amazon rates.

What is this book about?

This book focuses on the advanced aspects of Kotlin's development. These are often features and tools that developers use daily, even though they don’t know exactly how they work. This book explains them and gives you the knowledge to use these features in your projects.

Who is this book for?

This book is for developers with Kotlin experience who want to learn about its advanced features. Readers are expected to have experience in Kotlin development. All the required knowledge can be discovered in the books Kotlin Essentials and Functional Kotlin.

What is covered in the book?

This book focuses on advanced Kotlin features, including:

  • Generic variance modifiers
  • Interface and property delegation
  • Kotlin Contracts
  • Kotlin and Java interoperability
  • Multiplatform development
  • Using Kotlin/JS
  • Kotlin reflection
  • Annotation Processor
  • Kotlin Symbol Processor
  • Kotlin Compiler Plugins
  • Static Analysis with custom rules

Kotlin for developers

This book is a part of Kotlin for Developers series. It is my ultimate series, teaching Kotlin from essentials to advanced topics. Each of its books can be read independently, but together they form a complete picture.

The whole series includes:

  • Kotlin Essentials, which covers all the basic Kotlin features.
  • Functional Kotlin, which is dedicated to functional Kotlin features, including function types, lambda expressions, collection processing, DSLs, and scope functions.
  • Kotlin Coroutines: Deep Dive, which covers all the features of Kotlin Coroutines, including how to use and test them, using flow, best practices, and the most common mistakes.
  • Advanced Kotlin, which is dedicated to advanced Kotlin features, including generic variance modifiers, delegation, multiplatform programming, annotation processing, KSP, and compiler plugins.
  • Effective Kotlin: Best Practices, which is about the best practices of Kotlin programming.

More about the book on this page.