David Blanc

After working as a Java engineer for 8 years in various French IT companies, I moved to mobile application development on iOS and Android in 2012. In 2015, I decided to focus on Android and joined i-BP, an IT department of the French banking group BPCE, as Android expert. I am now passionate about Android, clean code, and, of course, Kotlin programming.

Reviewed articles

Item 7: Prefer a nullable or Result result type when the lack of a result is possible

Why should we prefer to avoid throwing exceptions and using types to our advantage.

Marcin Moskała
Marcin Moskała

Item 5: Specify your expectations for arguments and state

How do we specify requirements and expectations in Kotlin.

Marcin Moskała
Marcin Moskała

Item 3: Eliminate platform types as soon as possible

Why platform types are so dangerous, and how should we deal with them.

Item 1: Limit mutability

Why it is so important to limit mutability, and how Kotlin supports it.

Effective Kotlin Item 55: Consider Arrays with primitives for performance-critical processing

What is the difference between using collections and arrays of primitives?

Marcin Moskała
Marcin Moskała

Effective Kotlin Item 51: Prefer Sequence for big collections with more than one processing step

What the difference between list and sequence processing is, and when each should be preferred.

Effective Kotlin Item 50: Eliminate obsolete object references

How to help our garbage collector and avoid memory leaks.

Effective Kotlin Item 49: Consider using inline value classes

What value classes are, how to use and inline them.

Effective Kotlin Item 48: Use inline modifier for functions with parameters of functional types

How inline functions work and why they can be so important for the performance of our application.

Effective Kotlin Item 47: Avoid unnecessary object creation

About the most essential rule of performance optimization.

Effective Kotlin Item 46: Avoid member extensions

What member extensions are, how they are possible and why we should avoid using them.