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Funny programming videos

We, developers, created our own subculture. No wonder, there are over 24 millions of us worldwide. We share similar problems and frustrations. Among us, there are many musicians (I am sometimes surprised how many) and other kinds of artists. No wonder our community produces some funny video or a comic from time to time.

I like to reference them during programming discussions. I am then often surprised, when some of my colleagues do not know them. That is why I decided to collect my favourite funny arts of programming community. In this article, I will show my favorite videos.

Let's start with my personal favorite. Wat was initially presented as an lightning talk, but it was a great hit, so the formula was later repeated for many languages and other crazy examples. Here is the link to the original one, you can search YouTube for more ;)

YouTube Channels

There are a bunch of YouTube channels making funny videos for developers. Some of them do that to promote a company. In other case, it is just a group of developers having fun. Here I present a viral video The Mysterious Life of Developers, and an example video from the channel KRAZAM.

Kantega | The Mysterious Life of Developers

Microservices by KRAZAM

Music video

A big part of our culture is music parodies. The oldest one I know is Write in C, that is an absolute classic. You can also see an amazing Write in Go presented years later by a whole choir on a ScaleAbility conference.

Write in C

Write in Go

Here are a few more music parodies.

And So You Code

LadyJava Music Video

LadyJava was made for a conference JavaZone, that started another tradition of funny videos.

Movie trailer parodies

A popular conference, JavaZone, created a bunch of funny movie trailer parodies.

Java Forever And Ever Movie

JavaZone 2013: Javapocalypse

JavaZone 2014: Game of Codes

JavaZone X : The Streaming

TikTok and other short videos

On the end, it is worth mentioning, that some developers create funny videos in a TikTok/Instagram style. As an example, I will present cassidoo (Cassidy Williams) and tired_actor (Alison Burke). Both create great videos.

@cassidoo There are no good coders (inspired by @marycchong ♬ original sound - Cassidy Williams

Leaving you with this as I take a little break

♬ original sound - Alison Burke

Popular culture

There are videos, that are not directed strictly to programmers, but are about nerds or nerd culture. I think it is worth mentioning a few pearls.

Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs. Geek

"Weird Al" Yankovic - White & Nerdy (Official Music Video)


Bonus for Polish

In Poland, we have our specific subculture of programming humour. We have some popular channels all dedicated to a humour for programmers (even non-developers know well hrejterzy). That is why I will also share a few of my favorite Polish-language videos.

Internety robie (I am making internets)

MAM TEN KOD (I have that code)

Rekrutacja grafika komputerowego (Graphic designer recreation)

I hope you had some fun. Have I forgotten about something? Let me know in a comment below :)