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Funny programming comics

Comics are a very popular form of programming humor. For some, creating a comics is a way to release their frustration. Others got popular or even paid for making comics about IT or an adjacent field.

In this example, I will show my favourite examples of programming comics.


A popular webcomic, created by active developers, is MonkeyUser.

You can follow MonkeyUser on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


xkcd is a very popular webcomic. It's creator, Randall Munroe, worked on robots at NASA's Langley Research Center in Virginia. This was not a typical programming career, but surely involved a lot of programming. That is why many xkcd comics relate to programmers, and often strictly touch programmers problems. Here are a few prominent examples:

You can follow xkcd on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


Another webcomic created by developers and dedicated to developers is CommitStrip.

You can follow PHCommitStrip on Twitter or Facebook.


PHD is not strictly about coding, but about PhD students, but it really well relates to our problems as well.

You can follow PHD on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Abstruse Goose

Abstruse Goose is a webcomic with a minimalistic style, often touching topics around programming.


Toggl is a company creating tools for developers and IT companies, but from time to time, they also release great comics.

Geek and Poke

Geek and Poke is another popular webcomic dedicated for developers.

Other popular comics

There are much more comics for programmers. I cannot name all creators, and not all of them are known, so here are a few honourable mentions.