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Rafał Grzesik

One of the things participants value most about live training is the opportunity to interact with the trainer. I know this because I often read such responses in exit surveys and I subscribe to this myself. The opportunity to ask questions and get feedback adds a lot of value, for this reason, I follow a rule in my work as a trainer. I only teach about things that I have a lot of experience in and care about doing well.

I worked with several projects written in Angular and I can teach you how to write such a project or quickly improve an existing one. I will show you where to look for pitfalls, what can cause performance problems and many more. Angular is the most powerful frontend framework, but as you probably know, with power comes responsibility.

I like when the code on frontend is clean, so I teach how to get the best out of Typescript language. Types, utility types, generics, merge, decorators and much more. It's worth knowing what possibilities Typescript offers and that it wasn't created just to imitate JavaScript.

Beside the frontend you can ask me about .NET, C#, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, Machine Learning or anything else that interests you on my LinkedIn profile. It's simple: if you care about something, you give a hundred percent. I care about quality.

Looking for trusted and experienced programming trainer? Sure I am good candidate for you. My name is Rafał Grzesik, I’m a experienced software engineer, programming trainer and mentor.

In my career:

  • Increased hundreds programmers skill and knowledge by providing robust on site and online trainings.
  • Conducted many workshops all rated above 4/5 points in after surveys.
  • Expanded the audience's knowledge about DDD, clean architecture and strategic patterns in C#.
  • Shared the best practices for working with Angular.
  • Showed on concrete examples how to practice your sense of clean code
  • Mentored clients to quickly learn new technologies, gain trust and stand out in the workplace.
  • Refactored many lines of code and taught others how to do it to meet today's standards.
  • Advised how to reduce application risk by introducing security by design principles.
  • Helped people to understand Docker and build CI/CD pipelines. My greatest power is listening. I will listen to your needs to prepare the best workshop possible.
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