This course covers whole material needed for efficient and idiomatic Kotlin development. It starts with basics and dives deep down into advanced Kotlin features and best practices.

On the workshop you will:

Learn from lecture supported by slides

Solve coding challenges in Kotlin

Complete practical exercises

Solve Kotlin puzzlers

In the workshop we cover:

  • Basic Kotlin structures
  • Functions on different levels and functional style
  • Kotlin OO programming in Android
  • Data classes
  • Sealed classes
  • Object expression, object declaration and companion object
  • Kotlin type system
  • Extension functions
  • Functional programming in Kotlin
  • Collections and string processing
  • Scope functions (let, apply, run, also, with, takeIf, takeUnless)
  • Generic classes and functions, making own collection processing function
  • Kotlin generic type parameter declarations and modifiers
  • Kotlin property and interface delegates
  • Reflection in Kotlin, and how to use Java reflection in Kotlin
  • DSL usage and creation
  • Interoperability between Kotlin and Java
  • Basics of Kotlin coroutines
  • Rules of idiomatic Kotlin
  • Kotlin style guides


Marcin Moskała - Trainer in Kt. Academy

Learn from the best

Marcin Moskała

Marcin Moskała is an experienced Android developer, teacher, and an official Jetbrains' Kotlin training partner. He is the founder of Kt. Academy, author of the book "Android Development with Kotlin", and an active programming community member. He is also the main author on the biggest medium publication about Kotlin and a speaker invited to many programming conferences. Some of his talks can be found on YouTube, including:

Join the workshop

When: 10-12 June 2019, 9:30-17:30 CEST/UTC+2

Where: Online

Language: English

Price for 3 days per person:
750€ net till 3 June 19
850€ net from 4 June 19


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Additional offer - 1-day workshop

You can also participate only in the first day of the workshop (10th June) - during this day we cover basics of Kotlin.

Price is 300€. In order to register for one day, choose this option in the form above.