Learn to create advanced websites and become a front end developer.

On the workshop you will

Learn from lecture supported by slides

Solve coding challenges

Complete practical exercises

During the workshop we cover:

  • Website creation: HTML i CSS
  • JavaScript from scratch
  • React usage
  • Development project creation
  • CV creation and job research
  • Job interview preparation

About the course

Becoming a programmer is a very time-consuming activity and that’s why our course is focused on your own work. Trainers will be responsible for targeting your work, motivating and explaining doubts, as well as everything that is incomprehensible.

We chose a training formula that guarantees a low price, together with the assurance that the people involved will be prepared to work as programmers after it.

We accept applications until a full group is gathered. We will then contact each person to confirm their willingness to participate and set a date.

How long does it take?

The workshop lasts 26 weeks. There will be 4 hours of lessons and mentoring each week, as well as assignments for at least 15 hours of your own work.


  • Own computer
  • Good knowledge of the English language
  • At least 15 hours a week to complete assigned tasks


The basic price is 2000 EUR per person for the whole workshop.


Our experts offer consultations for both companies and individuals. The price is set individually.

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