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Machine Learning in Python

Learn what Machine Learning is, and how to use it in practice.

The workshop is intended for people who want to start their adventure with Machine Learning and those who want to organize their knowledge and focus their further development in this area.

At the workshop you will

Learn from lecture supported by slides

Complete practical exercises

Group discussions

During the workshop we cover:

  • The differences between the standard process of writing software, and building Machine Learning tools;
  • The most important ML tools, algorithms and techniques;
  • The phases of the ML project lifecycle;
  • Data processing:
    • handling missing values,
    • scaling, normalization,
    • visualization,
    • exploratory analysis,
    • encoding of categorical variables;
  • Modelling:
    • regression and classification problems,
    • cost functions,
    • quality metrics,
    • model training;
  • Model evaluation:
    • cross-validation,
    • regularization,
    • model monitoring,
    • data drift;
  • Why the confusion matrix is an excellent quality metric;
  • Data reflecting real business use cases.

The final phase

The final phase of the training will be a project that covers all the major areas. This assignment will provide more room for experimenting, asking questions, and clarifying any problematic issues.

About the course

You will get familiar with basic concepts related to data processing, model selection, model training, and validation. For this purpose, we will use the Python programming language.

The lecture will consist of a practical part, where we will discuss the code fragments implementing the techniques.

The entry threshold to Machine Learning is not so high, but for many people, the knowledge available on the Internet is not presented clearly.

During this course, systematized knowledge and the possibility of explaining any ambiguities on the fly will be the key to breaking down these barriers.

It aims at:

  • the practical use of ML,
  • writing code by hand as soon as possible,
  • the practical learning of technical aspects of data processing and modelling.

During the course we will:

  • use various forms of multimedia,
  • use a variety of comparisons to stimulate the imagination,
  • give a chance to better understand all the concepts.

How long does it take?

This workshop takes only 1 day (8h).

The breaks for lunch and coffee/ tea are included in that time.


  • Familiarity with Python or other programming languages.
Mateusz Dorobek

Mateusz Dorobek

Data Scientist, Freelancer & AI conference speaker with 5 years of teaching experience. Working in the financial industry using Machine Learning to solve business problems.


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