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Testing in Kotlin

This workshop teaches how to use modern Kotlin tools and libraties for effective testing. It also covers the essential testing philosophy and best practices.

At the workshop you will

Learn from lecture supported by slides

Solve coding challenges

Complete practical exercises

During the workshop we cover:

  • The philosophy of testing
  • Types of tests
  • What tests do your application needs?
  • JUnit4 and JUnit5
  • Assertions
  • Parametrized tests
  • Using fakes
  • Testing business logic
  • Using mocks
  • Extracting test data, objects, functions
  • AssertJ
  • Kotest
  • Testing Kotlin Coroutines (optional)
  • Testing Flow (optional)
  • Defining extensions/rules
  • Testing view models (for Android groups)
  • Testing metrics
  • Interoperability between Kotlin and Java
  • Summary of the best practices

How long does it take?

The workshop lasts 2 days.


  • At least basic Kotlin understanding.


Choose this option if you need a workshop for your team or company. The basic price is 4000 EUR for the group for 2 days.

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Choose this option if you need a workshop for yourself or for a small group of people. The basic price is 300 EUR per person for the whole workshop.

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Our experts offer consultations for both companies and individuals. The price is set individually.

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