A workshop dedicated to the functional programming features in Kotlin, perfect for developers with some experience in the language, to leverage their skills and learn how to use higher-order functions and collection processing effectively.

On the workshop you will

Learn from lecture supported by slides

Solve coding challenges

Complete practical exercises

Solve puzzlers

During the workshop we cover:

  • Functional programming in Kotlin
  • Function type
  • Anonymus function
  • Lambda expression
  • Function references
  • Higher-order functions
  • Collections processing
  • Function type with receivers
  • Scope functions (let, apply, run, also, with, takeIf, takeUnless)
  • Kotlin DSL

How long does it take?

This workshop lasts 1 day.


  • Professional Kotlin experience
  • Computer with IntelliJ installed
Marcin Moskała

Learn from the best

Marcin Moskała

Marcin Moskala is an experienced developer and Kotlin trainer. He is the founder of the Kt. Academy, an official JetBrains partner for Kotlin trainings, author of the books Effective Kotlin, Kotlin Coroutines and Android Development with Kotlin. He is also the main author of the biggest medium publication about Kotlin and a speaker invited to many programming conferences.

One of the first certified Kotlin training worldwide

You will be trained by an expert who is an official JetBrains' Kotlin training partner. The quality of his workshops was checked and certified by the creators of the Kotlin language itself.

JetBrains certified Kotlin Training

Professional training materials

All attendees of the workshop will receive a printed book plus a code to download the Effective Kotlin ebook for free.

All attendees will get access to our exclusive learning platform, containing recordings from a full 3-day Kotlin course, additional materials and exercises.

All participants of the in-company workshop will receive printed course materials, including a book with slides, exercises, tasks and a cheat sheet.

Kt. Academy materials


Choose this option if you need a workshop for your team or company. The basic price is 2500 EUR for the group for 1 days.

Private workshop

Choose this option if you need a workshop for yourself or for a small group of people. The basic price is 200 EUR per person for the whole workshop.

Open online workshop

Our experts offer consultations for both companies and individuals. The price is set individually.

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