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An angular workshop tailored fit for a group. The whole material takes 3 days but can be split into 1-day or 2-day workshops depending on the group's need.

At the workshop you will

Learn from lecture supported by slides

Solve coding challenges

Complete practical exercises

During the workshop we cover:

First day:

  • Angular CLI
  • Most important Angular concepts: Module, Component, Service, Directive, Pipe, Dependency Injection, TypeScript, HTML, DOM, SCSS, Tests
  • Data flow, Data binding, Events binding
  • Control flow

Component lifecycle (ngOnInit, ngOnChanges ...)

  • Displaying data Interpolation Builtin directives (*ngIf, *ngFor ...) Change Detection (Default, OnPush...)
  • Working with API RxJS and reactive programming Mocking Rest vs GraphQL Fetching data Save/edit data Error handling
  • Interaction with a user Reactive forms Validation and good practices Testing

Second day:

  • Designing an application How to plan a structure Wireframes, mock-ups, blueprints Smart and dumb components Routing
  • Implementing an application Structure Naming modules, components, folders Routing Elements of Material Design Saving form
    Testing views Master-details view Editing and deleting Connecting to API
  • Best practices Security by design CSS naming conventions Semantic HTML Reusable components

Third day:

  • Authorization and authentication with JSON WEB Token
  • State management with NgRx Store

How long does it take?

The full version of the workshop takes 3 days, but it can be divided into 1-day or 2-days versions if needed.


  • Professional experience as a developer.
  • At least basic JavaScript understanding.
Rafał Grzesik

Rafał Grzesik

Experienced software engineer, programming trainer and mentor in the fields of JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, C#, design patterns and DDD. Increased hundreds programmers skill and knowledge by providing robust on site and online trainings. Conducted many workshops all rated above 4/5 points in after surveys.


Choose this option if you need a workshop for your team or company. The basic price is 5500 EUR for the group for 3 days.

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Choose this option if you need a workshop for yourself or for a small group of people. The basic price is 400 EUR per person for the whole workshop.

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