Rafał Grzesik

Looking for trusted and experienced programming trainer? Sure I am good candidate for you. My name is Rafał Grzesik, I’m a experienced software engineer, programming trainer and mentor.

In my career:

  • Increased hundreds programmers skill and knowledge by providing robust on site and online trainings.
  • Conducted many workshops all rated above 4/5 points in after surveys.
  • Expanded the audience's knowledge about DDD, clean architecture and strategic patterns in C#.
  • Shared the best practices for working with Angular.
  • Showed on concrete examples how to practice your sense of clean code
  • Mentored clients to quickly learn new technologies, gain trust and stand out in the workplace.
  • Refactored many lines of code and taught others how to do it to meet today's standards.
  • Advised how to reduce application risk by introducing security by design principles.
  • Helped people to understand Docker and build CI/CD pipelines. My greatest power is listening. I will listen to your needs to prepare the best workshop possible.
Request private consultations (250 zł/h)
Request company consultations (2000 zł/day)