Kotlin workshop

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Those are exclusive materials for Kt. Academy workshop attendees
Kotlin Cheat Sheet
Coroutines Cheat Sheet
Workshop slides
Video: Introduction
Video: Functions
Video: Control Structures
Task: Student Controller
Video: Null safety
Task: Null requirements
Video: Classes and properties
Task: Person
Video: Objects
Video: Extension Functions
Task: Pizza Factories
Task: Tree operations: Count
Task: Tree operations: Count All
Task: Tree operations: Height
Task: Tree operations: Biggest
Task: Tree operations: Sum
Task: Tree operations: Contains operator
Video: Typing System
Video: Functional programming
Task: Callbacks
Video: Collection processing
Task: Custom collection processing: map
Task: Custom collection processing: plusAt
Task: Collection processing: Passing students
Task: Collection processing: Best students
Video: Operator overloading
Video: DSL and Scope Functions
Video: Delegation
Task: Mutable lazy
Video: Kotlin and Java interoperability
Video: Generics
Task: Generic response
Task: Generic consumer
Video: Multiplatform Development