Kotlin Coroutines

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Coroutines Cheat Sheet
Coroutines Workshop Slides
Video: Why Kotlin Coroutines?
Video: Sequence builders
Task: Fibonacci Sequence
Task: Users sequence
Task: Extra: Eratosthenes Sieve Sequence
Video: Understanding Kotlin Coroutines
Task: Continuation steal
Video: Coroutine Builders
Video: Coroutine Context
Task: CounterContext
Video: Cancellation in coroutines
Video: Testing Coroutines
Video: Coroutine Dispatchers
State problem
Video: Channels & Actors
Video: Select
Video: Flow
Video: Best practices
Video: Practical recommendation: JetBrains hand-on's
Task: BasePresenter
Task: getBestStudent Request
Task: UserDownloader
Task: Flow Kata
Task: Factory using flow
Practical recommendation: Google Labs - Use Kotlin Coroutines in your Android App
Practical recommendation: Google Labs - Learn advanced coroutines with Kotlin Flow and LiveData
Recommendation: Presentations by Roman Elizarov
Recommendation: Android Docs about coroutines performance
Video: Understanding Kotlin Coroutines
Recommendation: Testing with Coroutines by Sean McQuillan
Video: Making a KTX library by Wojtek Kaliciński
Video: Introduction to flow