Refactoring to Clean Code

Enhance your Legacy Code towards Clean Code every day. Feel the thrill of continuous code clean up and make it a daily habit of your team to maintain code quality.

This hands-on workshop teaches how to retain code quality by refactoring in the smallest possible steps so it becomes daily practice. This allow to maintain clean code an continue with further complex refactorings when needed. Your team will possess refactoring skills and come back to work with inspirations on how to introduce code quality care into development processes.

On the workshop you will

Learn from lecture supported by slides

Solve coding challenges

Complete practical exercises

In the workshop we cover:

We start by acquiring new technical skills. Then we build awareness of our approach, which is reflected in the quality of the code, in actions to improve its quality or lack thereof. Awareness of the impact of work organization on quality is the first step to change that will allow continuous refactoring into clean code.

Part 1 - Cleaning Code in small steps

  • Review of Legacy Code project
  • It’s only one more "if" statement...
  • Review of automated refactorings in IntelliJ
  • Live refactoring in small steps
  • Habits of personal effectiveness for code quality
  • Clean Code & Pyramid of Refactoring
  • SOLID Principles & Pyramid of Refactoring

Part 2 - Clean Code to ease extendability and testability

  • Review of “Extended” Legacy Code project
  • New Requirements + No Cleaning = (More) Dirty Legacy Code
  • More Requirements are coming...
  • Live refactoring towards extraction of extension points
  • Clean code is extendable code
  • Habits of team effectiveness for code quality
  • Implementation of new functionality using TDD


Włodek Krakowski

Learn from the best

Włodek Krakowski

Experienced developer, trainer and a speaker on international conferences. Specialised in handling and refactoring legacy code.

Professional training materials

Book with all the slides to make it easier to start using new knowledge at work just after the workshop - everything in one place to recall new functionalities.

Kotlin cheatsheet in a printed, laminated form. Now, you can have the most important elements close at hand — it is the best everyday support for Kotlin developer.

A lot of tasks and questions to practice during workshop. We do our best to make the training as practical as possible.

Kt. Academy materials

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