Kotlin for Android Developers

A 3-day online workshop - 11-13 March 2019

This course covers whole material needed for efficient and idiomatic Kotlin development in Android. It starts with basics and dives deep down into advanced Kotlin features and best practices.

We will practice by

Implementing solid Android application in Kotlin, well tested and in MVP architecture.

Completing practical exercises

Solving Kotlin puzzlers

In the workshop we cover:

  • Variety of Kotlin structures
  • How to use functions at different levels
  • How classes changed in Kotlin and how it influences Android development
  • What are object expression and object declaration
  • Functional programming features in Kotlin
  • How to use Kotlin Android Extensions and KTX
  • What exactly are Data classes
  • How to use Sealed classes
  • You will understand deeply Kotlin type system
  • How to define and use Extension functions
  • How to do expressive and efficient collection processing in Kotlin
  • What are and how to use Scope functions (let, apply, run, also, with, takeIf, takeUnless)
  • What are generic variance modifiers, how to use them and what are the limitations
  • Why Kotlin Contracts are useful
  • Why inline classes are useful and important
  • How to create and use Kotlin property and interface delegates
  • How to use and create Kotlin DSL
  • How to write Kotlin code in an idiomatic way
  • What are Kotlin code conventions and guidelines


Marcin Moskała - Trainer in Kt. Academy

Your trainer

Marcin Moskała

Marcin Moskala is an experienced Android developer, teacher, and an official Jetbrains' Kotlin training partner. He is the founder of Kt. Academy, author of the book "Android Development with Kotlin", and an active programming community member. He is also the main author on the biggest medium publication about Kotlin and a speaker invited to many programming conferences. Some of his talks can be found on YouTube, including:

Join the workshop

When: 11-13 Mar 2019, 9-17 CET (Central European Time Zone)

Where: Online

Price for 3 days per person:
750 Euro till 24 Feb 19
850 Euro from 25 Feb 19


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