Effective Kotlin

This workshop is directed to experienced Kotlin developers who are willing to improve their programming skills and advanced knowledge about Kotlin programming language.

You will learn about best practices in Kotlin and the most important tips for effective Android development. We will discuss a variety of different features that we can use in Kotlin development and ideas that shape it. We will also talk about coding conventions and best practices.

In the workshop, participants:

Learn from lecture supported by slides

Write Android application in Kotlin

Complete practical exercises

Solve Kotlin puzzlers

In the workshop we cover:

  • Kotlin typing system
  • Efficient and idiomatic collection processing
  • Advanced object creation methods (Factory methods, fake constructors)
  • Generic
  • Delegates
  • Scope functions
  • Interoperability with Java
  • Efficient functional programming
  • Kotlin reflection
  • Kotlin DSL
  • Best practices

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